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Servitors are robotic servants to the humans, performing all manual labor, as well as act as an interface between humans and the post-humans that governs the world. They are not well described, but they are known normally to be somewhat small and spherical in shape. They obviously must have external manipulators of some type, as they can play musical instruments and hand out drinks, but these manipulators are not described (although it is known that the domestic versions have white-gloved hands). They have the ability to levitate, so they do not have legs. They apparently come in multiple forms (all spherical) for different uses, as there exists a general-use version. Descriptions of servitors found in Ilium:


Twenty feet beyond the pad circle stood an ancient two-person, one-wheeled, open carriole, with an equally ancient servitor floating above the driver’s nook and a single voynix standing between the wooden tongues.

The tiny servitor floated closer, took the luggage in its padded cusps, and loaded it in the carriole’s canvas boot while Daeman climbed aboard.

“You are the final guest,” replied the servitor. It hummed into its hemispherical niche and clicked a command;

The tending servitors flitted above the field, Daeman thought, like so many levitating croquet balls.

As if to prove Hannah’s point, two spherical, general-use servitors came through the shimmering faxportal and floated toward the humans.

The little spherical machine floated beyond the wall—eight hundred feet above the red-yellow ground—as its dainty, white-gloved hands poured wine into their glasses.

Two servitors were on the floor of the kitchen, one more in the upstairs bedroom. Their communicators were silent, their manipulators limp, the little white-gloved hands dangling.

Most women decided to apply for pregnancy around their Third Twenty. Usually the waiting period was one to two years before permission was granted—relayed from the post-humans through servitors.

There were servitors in the fields, and the commonplace look of them reassured Daeman until he realized that many of these servitors were huge — some twelve or fifteen feet tall and half that broad, much larger than the machines he was used to...

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