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Character Profile - Savi


Known as The Witch and also the Wandering Jew. She was a cultural historian at the time of the Final Fax. One of 9,114 Jews left after the Rubicon, she missed the Final Fax. She has lived the 1400 years since then by spending much of her time in statis.


The ship the morovecs take to Earth is called the "Queen Mab", which they claim was named after Shakepeare's Romeo and Juliet. Shelly wrote a major socialist poem called the Queen Mab, whereby one of the main characters is Ahauerus, the Wandering Jew. Nabokov wrote of Wandering Jews. Both Odysseus and Savi are Wanderers condemned to roam the earth until released from a curse. The literary combination of Odyesseus and the Wandering Jew is prominant in Joyce's 'Ulysses' and Wagner's "The Flying Dutchman".

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