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Overall Timeline

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 9 months ago

Multiple reviews have placed the events in Ilium at the year 3001 AD, but that date is incorrect - by a lot.


The 3001 date comes from the anthology Destination 3001, which is where Simmons' short story "The Ninth of Av" was first published. The book Ilium does not mention what year the events take place. ""The Ninth of Av"" describes the events that take place around the time of the Final Fax. Since it is mentioned on numerous occasions (see below) that Harman's time is 1400 years after the final fax, a 3001 date for the Final Fax places the events of Ilium around 4400 AD.


But the 3001 date for the Final Fax still renders some of the dates incorrectly. That puts the creation of the Mediterranian Basin ("a thousand years before the final fax") right about 2001. And it sets the date for the Global Caliphate submarine The Sword of Allah and the containment fields holding the black hole warheads ("They had lasted for more than two and one-half millennia") somewhere around the year 1900 (and it was supposed to have happened after the Rubicon - "he lingered only long enough to confirm it was after the rubicon release").


The real date for the Final Fax is set by Ariel in Olympos. When introducing the Eiffelbahn to Harman, Arial states:


"Four thousand three hundred and eleven years old - or at least the original of this was."


The original Eiffel Tower was constructed in 1889, which puts Harman in the year 6200 AD, which puts the date of the Final Fax at 4800 AD. The timeline then:



  • 1478 - Date Henri Rees Delacourte visits to investigate the Voynich Manuscript. The relevance of this date still hasn't been established. There is a interesting theory that the Voynich Manuscript is the childhood musings of Leonardo da Vinci (with a very interesting analysis of a horoscope diagram that matches his birthdate). The 1478 date coincides with a "robotic" invention da Vinci made that year.


"...to travel back to 1478 A.D. to investigate an odd and interesting manuscript purchased by Rudolph II, the Holy Roman Emperor, in 1586"



  • 2200 - Date approximate. Start of the genetic manipulation of humans.


"They did not," Prospero said flatly. "You are the result of four thousand years of gene-tampering and nanotech splicing."


  • ???? - The Great Retreat (occurs before the Rubicon). Don't know what it is. Only mentioned once in Ilium and not at all in Olympos.


"More than two thousand e-years earlier, the first moravecs to be sent out to Jovian space to explore the moons and to contact the sentients known to be in the atmosphere of Jupiter were programmed by the first post-humans with elaborate full-sensory tapes of human history, human culture, and the human arts. The rubicon had already occurred, of course, and before that the Great Retreat."


  • ???? - Rubicon Epidemic - Created by the Global Caliphate to kill the Jews, and blamed on Israel. Left about 300 million people alive. Occurs before The Sword of Allah, the launch of the moravecs, and the moravecs monitoring of the arrival of the voynix. It therefor occurs before 3200.


"Eleven billion dead," said Harman, his voice shaking. "Ninety-seven percent of Earth's population wiped out".

"...he lingered only long enough to confirm it was after the rubicon release, during the Dementia years when the Global Caliphate was near its end..."

"But the rubicon virus did not come from a lab in Israel. That's just another blood libel."

"No, you are perfectly correct," said Prospero. "The rubicon was indeed the one great contribution to science that the Islamic world gave to the rest of the world in a two-thousand-year stretch of darkness."


  • ???? - ARNists (occurs after the Rubicon).


"Terror Birds," said Savi. "Phorushacos. After the rubicon, the ARNists had a wild few centuries of such play."


  • 2601-2939 - The Third Dynasty of Khan Ho Tep.


The titles made his heart pound - The Third Dynasty of Khan Ho Tep - A.D. 2601-2939


  • ???? - Paris Crater. Caused by a time travel experiment to investigate the Voynich Manuscript. Requires black hole technology. The black hole was small and unstable, so the Global Caliphate plan to destroy the world with black holes occurs after this event. Since the voynix plan relies on time travel, this event predates the voynix event, but probably only by a few years. The voynix come from another universe, and only a large scale quantum experiment would cause that. There is no other canonical quantum experiments which predate this one, and there is an obvious name linkage between the Voynix and the Voynich Manuscript.


Harman knew now that eleven million people had died because of that ancient experiment gone wrong.


  • 3000 - The Global Caliphate fights a limited nuclear battle in southeast Spain against the New European Union using the voynix (version 1.0).


He knew that less than a couple of hundred miles northeast of where the effelbahn ended there, there was a sixty-mile-wide circle of the terrain fused into glass where thiry-two hundred years ago the Global Caliphate had fought its determining battle with the N.E.U. - more than three million proto-voynix pouring over and past two hundred thousand doomed human mechanized-infantry knights.


  • 3200 - The Global Caliphate send updated and reprogrammed voynix forward in time to 4600. (See 4600 below). Interesting inversion of the Terminator plot.


"Where’d this Setebos come from?" asked Harman.

"Brought in from the dark with the voynix and other things," said Prospero. "A minor miscalculation."

Prospero: "the voynix reacted as programmed."

"Programmed three thousand years ago," said Harman.

(during a discussion of Delacourte's time machine)

"But the French and the New European Union gave the designs to the Caliphate," said Harman. "Why?"

"The Palestinian scientists were their friends."

All most Jovian moravecs knew of the fabled voynix was that the planet Earth had radiated unprecedented quantum phase-shift activity when the creatures had first been mentioned in monitored post-human neutrino communications more than two thousand e-years earlier.


  • 3700 - The Sword of Allah. The Global Caliphate attempt to destroy the world with ICBMs, tipped with black hole bombs, launched from a submarine. Commissioned 2500 years before Harman. It is implied that the mission failed because the ship's AI interceded. Occurs near the end of the Caliphate and the New European Union.


"They had lasted for more than two and one-half millenia, but they were very unstable."


  • 3750 - Approximate date of the creation of the post-humans. The posts created the Mediterranian Basin in c3800, but were not present c3700 for The Sword of Allah event. On the other hand the moravecs contend that the posts came first, followed by the Rubicon. Since Harman has direct access to the data, we should follow his narrative.


...he was stepping into a submarine from some century late in the Lost Era: possibly something from after the rubicon release but before the first post-humans had been genetically brought into being.

"the post-humans got too clever by half. Their science was impressive. To all intents and purposes, they’d fled the Earth to their orbital rings during the terrible rubicon epidemic."


  • ???? - Moravecs are sent into space by the posthumans. Since the moravecs "monitored post-human neutrino communications more than two thousand e-years earlier" during the arrival of the voynix, they launch of the moravecs must preceed that event.


More than two thousand e-years earlier, the first moravecs to be sent out to Jovian space to explore the moons and to contact the sentients known to be in the atmosphere of Jupiter were programmed by the first post-humans with elaborate full-sensory tapes of human history, human culture, and the human arts. The rubicon had already occurred...


  • 3800 - Date approximate. Mediterranian Basin is formed. The Atlantic Breach may have been created at the same time (at least after the sinking of The Sword of Allah).


"A thousand years before the final fax, the posts drained a sizable sea south of Europe - dammed it up between a rock called Gibraltar and the tip of North Africa"

"Something sank it here long before this groove in the Atlantic Ocean was created."


  • 4200 - Ariel is created - 2000 years before Harman. Sycorax seals the wreck of The Sword of Allah in a statis dome.


"They should call this wood Ariel's Nursery, for here ten times two hundred years ago, I came to be"

"Impossible," said Sycorax. "I sealed that wreck off inside a statis egg almost two millennia ago."


  • 4600 - Date approximate. Voynix appear. The are sent forward in time by the Global Caliphate.


"You understand, don't you, that the voynix popped out of the temporalclastic cloud two centuries before the final fax,"

"I know the voynix were sent forward through time by the Global Caliphate to kill Jews,"


  • 4700 - Date approximate. Calibani are created by Prospero and Sycorax. Moira descends from the p-ring. Post-humans have some kind of quantum teleportation accident. Occurs 1500 years before Harman.


"We... the post-humans," said Moira, "asked Prospero and his... companion... to create a race of creatures ferocious enough to stop the replicating voynix from flooding the Mediterranean Basin and compromising our operations there.."

"Companion? Do you mean Ariel?"

"No, not Ariel," said Moira. "You see, fifteen hundred years ago, the creature we call Sycorax was not yet the..."

"That will do," interrupted Prospero.

"Moira is the last," said Prospero. "Come down from the p-ring more than fifteen hundred years ago."

"Do you know why moravec engineers gave up on developing quantum teleportation as a way to travel to the stars?" said Orphu.

"It’s not stable," said Mahnmut. "There’s evidence of some accident on Earth fifteen hundred or so years ago. The humans or post-humans were fooling around with quantum wormholes and it didn’t work and backfired on them somehow."


  • 4800 - Final Fax. Date of maximum quantum teleportation experimentation by the post-humans. Possible creation of constructs from literature. Likely time that Setebos and The Quiet were brought into our universe.


"We know that the post-humans accelerated their quantum research — fooling around, really — about the time we moravecs abandoned it, about fourteen hundred Earth years ago. They were punching holes in space-time left and right."

"So about fourteen hundred years ago on Earth, the post-humans - it had to be the post-humans, since our probes at the time were sure that there were just a thousand or so old-style humans left, like almost-extinct-species animals being kept around in a zoo - the post-humans began quantum teleporting people and machines and other objects."

"Where?" said Mahnmut. "I mean where did they send them? Mars? Other star systems?"

"No, you need a receiver as well as a transmitter with quantum teleportation," said the Ionian. "They just sent them from somewhere on the Earth to somewhere else on the Earth—or in their orbital cities—but they had a big surprise when the objects materialized."

"Goal Four - to find the alien entities who entered our solar system fourteen hundred years ago, the real gods behind these midget Olympian gods, as it were, and to reason with them," said General Beh bin Abee.


  • 5200 - Date approximate. Savi's first and solo attempt to visit Atlantis.


"You’ll see why I’ve come with two others after that first solo visit of mine to Atlantis more than a millennium ago."


  • 5900 - Date approximate. Savi's 2nd failed attempt to visit Atlantis.


"The calibani killed and ate the man and woman who came with me the time before that, almost three centuries ago."


  • 5960 - Last observed transportation of materials from Earth to Mars.


“No shuttles. No evidence of ring-to-Earth neutrino faxing. And the convoy-bridge of heavy materials being accelerated between the rings and Mars—observed as recently as twenty Jovian years ago, two hundred forty-some Earth/pH ring years ago—is gone.”


  • 6000 - "Terraforming" of Mars begins


"They terraformed it," Mahnmut said aloud. "The posts terraformed Mars."

"How long ago?" asked Orphu of Io. None of the Galileans had any special interest in Mars—in any of the Inner Worlds, for that matter (except for their literature)—so this could have happened any time in the twenty-five hundred terrestrial years since the break between moravecs and humanity.

"In the last two hundred years,” said Asteague/Che. “Perhaps in the last century and a half."


  • 6050 - Savi's 3rd failed attempt to visit Atlantis. The first Prospero statue is erected by the Zeks.


"The last time I came to Atlantis, I came on foot. From the north. It was a century and a half ago, and I brought two eloi with me"

The first head was erected almost an Earth-measured century and a half ago, at the base of Olympus Mons...


  • 6100 - Date approximate. Koros III visits the rockvecs. 60 e-years is roughly 90 Earth years. Savi and Odysseus unseal the wreck of The Sword of Allah.


He confirmed Orphu’s earlier statement to Mahnmut—from their discussion when they’d been passing over the Asteroid Belt on their way to Mars—that sixty e-years ago the Ganymedan Koros III had been sent to the Belt by the Pwyll-based moravec Asteague/Che and the Five Moons Consortium.

"And Savi and I unsealed it more than a century ago," said Noman.


  • 6190 - Savi and Odysseus distribute the turin cloths, just before the Troy story begins.


Odysseus shrugged. "Savi and I distributed the turin cloths almost ten years ago. I brought the prototype from… far away."


  • 6200 - Harman's time - 1400 years after the Final Fax.


"Daeman smiled tiredly. About the woman who somehow missed the final fax fourteen hundred years ago and whos been condemned to wander the earth ever since? Of course. But I didnt know the woman in the legend had a name.

"When she saw Harman looking at her intently, she added, I was on a sort of sabbatical in a berg much like this when the final fax went on without me fourteen of your allotted life spans ago."

"But when my friends Pinchas and Petra were here in the last minutes before the final fax fourteen hundred years ago, there were tens of thousands of voynix suddenly active near the Western Wall."`

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