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A jinker is a type of flying machine. Since no jinkers are actually seen in Ilium, there are no details on jinker technology, other than the fact that some homes (such as Ardis Hall) still retain jinker platforms. A jinker is not the same as a sonie:


Daeman shrugged again. “Someone there… a young man, about Hannah’s age… was bemoaning the fact that we didn’t have sonies to fly around in since the final fax, and this… witch… who had been very quiet but who was obviously also very drunk… said we did, that there were jinkers and sonies if you knew where to look for them. She said she used them all the time.”


In modern usage, a jinker is a type of trailer, either associated with boats or timber. In the context of Ilium, it is more likely that the word is derived from the verb "jink", which means to cause a vehicle or an aircraft to make a quick, evasive turn.


There are some interesting definitions for jink in the online Urban Dictionary, none of which were probably intended by Simmons, but amusing nonetheless.

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