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This wiki holds my notes on Dan Simmon's Ilium. If you've accidentally stumbled onto this page, be aware that every link contains spoilers for both Ilium and Olympos.


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Ilium Major Story Lines



There are three distinct storylines in Ilium: the Harman storyline, which follows the story of humans on Earth, told in 3rd person past tense; the Hockenberry storyline, which follows the events taking place at Ilium, told in 1st person present tense; and the Mahnmut storyline, while follows the story of the moravecs travelling to Mars, told in 3rd person past tense. Events in the Hockenberry and Mahnmut storylines eventually converge, but the storylines remain distinct due to the 1st-person-present-tense versus 3rd-person-past-tense differences in the narrative.



Olympos Major Story Lines




Acheans (Greeks)




Greek God Post-Humans







The Tempest








Major Locations


Creatures (Mythical and Otherwise)






Literary Works Referenced in Ilium and Olympos




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